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Gourmet House Restaurant serves unique, but very traditional home styledishes not found in many Asian or Chinese Restaurants.  We serve the same favorite dishes cooked in homes from countries of Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and China.


Many of our dishes we serve at the Gourmet House Restaurant are very hot and spicy, but our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help you select the right dish combinations that suite your tastes. We have a variety of dishes to choose from.  You can start off from our fantastic appetizers and soups, then select from our main meat and vegetable dishes.  We recommend picking a variety of dishes that differ in taste, such a sweet and sour, to bland and spicy.  Our staff is happy to help you make your selections..

We at  the Gourmet House Restaurant are dedicated to bringing you the finest tasting Asian food.  Our goal is to preserve the art of traditional home style Asian culinary dishes, in a  warm and inviting atmosphere for your dinning pleasure.


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